Richard Dawe's Curriculum Vitae

Principal Software Engineer
Bristol, United Kingdom Tel: +44-777-6141675

Self-motivated, technical leader and systems & back-end software engineer with 20+ years' experience.

My personal goals:

Skills, Technologies and Languages

Skills: Distributed Systems; Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD); unit/functional/integration testing; full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC); requirements analysis; design & integration planning; incident mitigation & resolution; training
Languages: C, go, JavaScript (node.js), Lua, Perl
Technologies: Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), REST APIs, HTTP, TCP/IP, TLS / SSL, Cassandra, Postgres, multi-threaded and event-loop-based applications
Tools: Mercurial, git, gdb, valgrind, strace, Docker, Ansible

Work Experience

Note: I worked continuously for Message Systems from 2007 until 2023. The majority of the Message Systems team was in the USA, and I worked remotely from the UK. From 2015, Message Systems did business as SparkPost. It was acquired by MessageBird in May 2021.

Principal Software Engineer MessageBird, UK (remote) May 2021 - January 2023

I worked on two new products, neither of which have been launched yet. Unfortunately I can only describe my work at a high level.

Product 1 (up to summer 2022): I led a team to build out a new product. The bulk of the development work was outsourced to a company in India, with integration work done by me in the UK and my colleagues in the USA and Brazil.

I led the process to evaluate potential contractors, and the selection process. I worked closely with:

I worked very closely with the Product manager, who was also managing the project. This product was entirely new, and we were learning continously through the project.

This project was challenging for many reasons, including: It was the first time development work had been outsourced. The timezone spread was 10.5 hours across the team. A lot of the tools and technologies were new, including AWS services that had not been used previously. There were challenges using deliverables because the contractor had limited access to our environments.

Product 2 (from summer 2022): I joined an existing project to build a new messaging product. This team was largely based in Europe.

In this role I acted more as a Senior Software Engineer, working on back-end services written in go. I worked closely with Product on understanding requirements and phasing of features. I took over ownership of one of the messaging protocols in the product, adding features and fixing bugs.

As part of my hand-over before leaving, I delivered 3 x 2 hour training sessions to multiple teams in Engineering, and Compliance & Deliverability.

Principal Software Engineer SparkPost, UK (remote) 2015 - May 2021

As a Principal Software Engineer in the Email Delivery Group, I provided technical leadership and architectural oversight for SparkPost's high throughput email platform. Some highlights:

Lead Engineer / Senior Software Engineer Message Systems, UK (remote) 2013 - 2015

After a year as a Senior Software Engineer, I became a Lead. As a Lead, I provided technical leadership to a team of engineers during the development of Momentum 4.0. This was a major update to the Momentum high-performance email server software to add new email submission APIs.

Professional Services Message Systems, UK (remote) 2007 - 2013

I had a number of different titles for my role during this time, from Senior Software Engineer to Principal Solutions Engineer, but with largely the same responsibilities.

As a part of the Professional Services team, I designed and implemented solutions based on Message Systems' Momentum messaging server, often extending the platform with C, C++ and Lua. I worked primarily with customers in the telecommunications and financial services industries, in Europe and the USA. Some highlights:

Senior Software Engineer /
Software Engineer
MessageLabs, Gloucester, UK 2003 - 2007

Software Engineer (2003 - 2005), Senior Software Engineer (2005 - 2007)

Software Engineer Riverstone Networks, Reading, UK 2000 - 2002
Software Engineer Cabletron Systems, Reading, UK 1999 - 2000


1995 - 1999

University of Bristol, UK - MSci Physics with First Class Honours


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