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Once upon a time there was a mailing list called "dossock" that discussed how to enable DOS programs running under Windows to use Windows's networking facilities via a virtual device driver (VxD) called WSOCK.VXD. This was an interesting topic, and the list was found to be useful. Unfortunately this list was struck by bad luck and died a quiet death. However, now it has been reincarnated in a new form (with archives).

My intention is that this list discusses everything the old one did (see above), and hopefully it will broaden to discuss more than just access via WSOCK.VXD, e.g. access via WSOCK2.VXD, under plain DOS, NT, etc.

Using the List

The mailing list is kindly being hosted by Yahoo! Groups (formerly eGroups). You can join the mailing list using the following link:

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Once you have joined the list, send mail to list via If you have not joined the list, your mail will be rejected.

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Software from Discussions on the List

This is roughly in chronological order.

Thanks & respect go out to all those who have contributed.

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Relevant Links

Please mail me any useful links you have on this subject. The libsocket links page also has some interesting links on it.

Networking Libraries

Networking Documentation

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