Free Electron Lasers


Free Electron Lasers (FELs) are unlike conventional lasers. Conventional lasers use transitions between atomic energy levels to produce light at a fixed wavelength. FELs accelerate and decelerate electron beams to make them produce light. There are a variety of ways of achieving this - by using magnetic fields or simply passing the electron beam near the surface of a material.

This page was set up for the seminar on FELs I had to give as part of my Physics MSci degree at Bristol University, UK.

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Web Sites

FELs at Stanford University
FELs at University of California, Santa Barbara
FELs at the University of Tokyo
An online book on FELs

WWW Virtual Library entry for FELs
AltaVista search for "Free Electron Laser"




Journal References

These are the most interesting papers that I found & managed to understand at some level.


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