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DosDoom home page - This is a port of the freely available Linux Doom code to DOS, compiled with DJGPP and Allegro.

Official WinDoom and glDoom Home Page

CSRA Deathmatch
Doom FTP & WWW sites
Freie Universitaet Berlin's Doom Archive (Mirror of id's Site)
id's Home Page
Tim's Node of the DoomWeb

I also have a document with my ratings of many Doom levels. It contains details of well over 300 Doom levels, and is quite comprehensive. I played at least half of them properly (i.e. no invincibility or other cheats).

Falcon 3

Falcon 3 FAQ

Frontier Elite II

Frontier Elite II Information
The Ironfrost Elite Network

Grand Theft Auto

Junction 25 Editor
M1 Editor

GTA Reference - Hacking information


Populous FAQ


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QuakeWorld Local Server (now obselete)

Quake 2

A Quake 2 page

Transport Tycoon

This is one of my favourite games, but it's pretty addictive. Avoid it at all costs if you have things you must to do for a couple of weeks. A masterpiece, especially in the Deluxe version. It's pretty good multiplayer, if you can find someone else with a lot of time on their hands :)

Transport Tycoon FAQ
Transport Tycoon Semi-FAQ
Transport Tycoon pages I
Transport Tycoon pages II

Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D FAQ

XCOM Series

Mythos Games - The creators of the X-Com series

Game Temple's X-Com page
Yahoo's X-Com links

XCOM: Terran Defense Force (American name)
UFO: Enemy Unknown (British name)

Patch to version 1.4

Games Domain's UFO FAQ Page
XCOM Cheat & FAQ Page

XCOM 2: The Terror From The Deep

XCOM 2 Cheat & FAQ Page


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