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NOTE: iTunes and iPod are trademarks of Apple. This product is not supported/written/published by Apple.

ipodfs is a user-space filesystem for accessing iPods using FUSE (Filesystems in Userspace). It provides simple access to your iPod. Mount your iPod using ipodfs, then just copy your music files onto it using normal file management tools.

If you have simple needs, using ipodfs is much simpler than using GUI management tools like gtkpod.

There are two steps to using ipodfs:

  1. Ensure that your operating system has mounted your iPod as a USB storage device. This usually happens automatically if you are logged in. You may need to start X if it isn't already (e.g.: on Fedora Core 5).

  2. Run ipodfs, pointing it at the USB storage device. The iPod will be mounted and your music/videos/whatever will appear as a bunch of normal files. You can then add/remove new content simply by copying/removing files into the directory.

ipodfs was developed primarily for the iPod Shuffle, but may work with other iPods.


ipodfs --ipod=/media/IPOD -- /some/path
cp /path/to/my/mp3s/*.mp3 /some/path

/media/IPOD is the path that iPods are mounted under with Fedora Core 5 -- the path may be different other Linuces.

Once installed, see ipodfs(8) for more details (i.e.: ``man ipodfs'').


You may also wish to read the NEWS file, detailing the versions.

Subversion access

You can check out ipodfs from anonymous subversion (svn). Here are some examples, to get the latest and version 0.5, respectively:

svn co http://svn.phekda.org/svn/ipodfs/trunk/ ipodfs
svn co http://svn.phekda.org/svn/ipodfs/tags/release-0.5/ ipodfs-0.5