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I hope this does the trick Indrek ;) Perhaps a bit overdramatic!

Who, How, What and Why?

The Story So Far

libsocket was originally written by Indrek Mandre, based on Dan Hedlund's WSOCK library code. He took Dan's C++ code and converted it to C, added some of Linux's name resolving code and hacked it about until it worked. Thus libsocket was born.

Indrek battled on with libsocket, improving it many times, but eventually decided he did not have enough time to look after it.

Along came a guy called Richard Dawe, with basic knowledge of networking and a healthy interest in things he didn't (and still doesn't <g>) understand. He contributed a bit of code, documentation and some comments. Indrek asked him to look after the library, and he duly agreed.

Rich decided to try and get libsocket out to a wider audience and make it in the style of GNU and other DJGPP packages. He took the code, rearranged it, broke it, fixed it, broke it again, fixed it some more, and then came up with this release. Hopefully it works.

The Reasons

I guess that the reason that we do this is because it is interesting. It is satisfying to know that people use the library. It is satisfying to give back something to the DJGPP community. They're such a helpful and friendly bunch. It is also challenging, as debugging is a hit-and-miss affair, since information about WSOCK.VXD is limited. Certainly for me (Rich), this is the most important piece of software that I have worked on in my spare time.


Indrek Mandre

E-mail: <indrek@warp.edu.ee>
Web: http://www.pld.ttu.ee/~indrek/

Indrek is studying at Talinn Technical University, Estonia, for a degree in Informatics.


Richard Dawe

E-mail: <richdawe@bigfoot.com>
Web: http://www.bigfoot.com/~richdawe/

Rich is studing at Bristol University, UK, for an MSci degree in Physics. He spends far too much time playing around with computers for his own good.

He is the current maintainer of libsocket.


The layout of this page is by Indrek Mandre, and the content is by Richard Dawe.

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