Richard Dawe's Curriculum Vitae

Principal Engineer at SparkPost
Bristol, United Kingdom Tel: 0777-6141675

Self-motivated, technical leader and systems software engineer with 20+ years' experience.

My personal goals:

I am currently focussed on the reliability, resiliency and scalability of the email generation pipeline in SparkPost's cloud-based, high performance email delivery and analytics service.

Skills, Technologies and Languages

Skills: Distributed Systems; Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), unit/functional/integration testing; full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC); requirements analysis; design & integration planning; performance analysis & improvement; incident management, mitigation & resolution; Root Cause Analysis; training
Languages: C, Lua, Perl, Bash, JavaScript (node.js)
Technologies: Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), REST APIs, HTTP, TCP/IP, TLS / SSL, Cassandra, Postgres, multi-threaded and event-loop-based applications
Tools: Mercurial, git, gdb, valgrind, strace, Docker, Ansible

Work Experience

Principal Engineer SparkPost, UK (remote) March 2015 - present

As a Principal Engineer in the Email Delivery Group, I provide technical leadership and architectural oversight for SparkPost's high throughput email platform. Some highlights:

Lead Engineer / Senior Software Engineer Message Systems, UK (remote) 2013 - 2015

Note: Message Systems, Inc. is now doing business as SparkPost.

After a year as a Senior Software Engineer, I became a Lead. As a Lead, I provided technical leadership to a team of engineers during the development of Momentum 4.0. This was a major update to the Momentum email server software to add email submission APIs and much-improved reporting use interface. It used the Cassandra database to provide scalable and resilient storage. Momentum is a powerful, high-performance email server, extensible in C or Lua.

Professional Services Message Systems, UK (remote) 2007 - 2013

I had a number of different titles for my role during this time, but with largely the same responsibilities: Senior Software Engineer, Professional Services Engineer, Client Integration Architect, Principal Solutions Engineer.

As a part of the Professional Services team, I designed and implemented solutions based on Message Systems' Momentum messaging server, often extending the platform with C, C++ and Lua. I worked primarily with customers in the telecommunications and financial services industries. Some highlights:

Senior Software Engineer /
Software Engineer
MessageLabs, Gloucester, UK 2003 - 2007

Software Engineer (2003 - 2005), Senior Software Engineer (2005 - 2007)

Software Engineer Riverstone Networks, Reading, UK 2000 - 2002
Software Engineer Cabletron Systems, Reading, UK 1999 - 2000


1995 - 1999

University of Bristol, UK - MSci Physics with First Class Honours


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