File::ExtAttr 1.09

File::ExtAttr 1.09 AKA the “reduce the CPAN Testers FAIL results” release. I also fixed a minor bug on Solaris, and documented a difference in the handling of empty attribute values on Mac OS X 10.4 vs. 10.5. See File::ExtAttr on CPAN soon. Changelog: 1.09 2009-03-07 - (richdawe) Add note to README about needing to install package that provides the headers <attr/attributes.h> and <attr/xattr.h>. - (richdawe) Fix RT #31970: "OS X: setfattr fails to set empty value".

File::ExtAttr 1.08, (Open)Solaris and 2 xattr schemes

File::ExtAttr 1.08, (Open)Solaris and 2 xattr schemes I released File::ExtAttr 1.08, which has some changes to make it report errors more consistently ($! should always contain the value of errno now). It also has some build changes, which will hopefully avoid all the CPAN Testers FAIL reports on platforms that don’t have the development packages installed for using xattrs (libattr-devel rpm on Linux). I development this release on various platforms, but the most exciting one was OpenSolaris 2008.

File::ExtAttr 1.06, mab2ldif

File::ExtAttr 1.06, mab2ldif I released File::ExtAttr 1.06 to fix building on Mac OS X. File::ExtAttr provides an interface to extended file attributes (meta-data) that’s consistent across Linux, Mac OS X, *BSD, Solaris. I also released mab2ldif, which takes a Mork-format address book (e.g.: as used by Thunderbird) and converts it into an LDIF file. You can import the LDIF file into Thunderbird. I wrote this to recover my old Thunderbird address book from an old computer that died.

Perl and DTrace

Perl and DTrace I saw on Adam Leventhal’s blog that Apple ship a DTrace provider for Perl with Leopard: "Not only did Apple port DTrace, but they've also included a bunch of USDT providers. Perl, Python, Ruby -- they all ship in Leopard with built-in DTrace probes that allow developers to observe function calls, object allocation, and other points of interest from the perspective of that dynamic language." It’s also mentioned on Unix Technology page for Leopard.

Perl and DTrace

Perl and DTrace I finally got DTrace working on Perl, as described in Alan Burlison’s blog post on how to DTrace Perl. I have a patch to add DTrace support to Perl, which includes some instructions and example scripts. I’m giving a talk on DTrace and Perl next Wednesday evening at Birmingham Perl Mongers.