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Using the Brother MFC7820N scanner with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

The Brother MFC7820N is quite an old all-in-one mono laser printer, colour scanner and fax machine. The one I have is about 15 years old now, but still works fine. You can still get toner, drums and other spares for it. I have used the network scanning functionality with Linux previously, but a long time ago now, on one of my previous laptops. I needed to get it working on my current laptop, which is running Ubuntu 22.

digestsforthought - Daily digest of interesting Twitter accounts

digestsforthought is a small program that uses the Twitter API to select a random tweet from the last 50 tweets for a few accounts, and then mails a digest using SparkPost’s Transmissions API. I started the project back in 2017 to scratch multiple itches. I wanted a way to keep up with some specific Twitter accounts. But I also wanted to learn: Python AWS Lambda AWS CloudFormation Twitter API I had done a little Python before, but I had not used the other technologies.

International Domain Names (IDNs) for mail for

The following are some International Domain Names that I’ve used for testing mail clients or other mail processing systems in the past: Punycode UTF-8 ðssæ aå

More problems with Ubuntu 10.04 on Samsung N510

More problems with Ubuntu 10.04 on Samsung N510 My main laptop’s hard disk died at the weekend, so I started migrating all my data to my Samsung N510 netbook (thank goodness for backups). Unfortunately, I hit this Ubuntu 10.04 bug, which meant my netbook was crashing sporadically when I ran lots of programs – firefox and thunderbird simultaneously: Bug #539482: Page allocation failures on Dell E5500 I tried installing mainline 2.

Upgrading to Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 - no title bar or window decorations

Upgrading to Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 - no title bar or window decorations I upgraded from UNR 9.04 to 10.04 the other day, and found that the window decorations such as the title bar and close/maximize/minimize had disappeared from all windows (even in “GNOME” log-in sessions). My particular problem seemed to be caused by saved GNOME session state. I’ve attached a suggested resolution to Launchpad bug #576696.

Slow scrolling in Firefox on Fedora 12 - workaround

Slow scrolling in Firefox on Fedora 12 - workaround After upgrading to Fedora 12, I found that scrolling in Firefox was painfully slow. I’m using the Nouveau driver with a Geforce Go 5700 chip in my old 3.2 GHz Athlon64 laptop. Scrolling seemed to peg the CPU usage at 100% and render the computer unusable for the duration of the (very slow) scrolling. Disabling “smooth scrolling” in the general section of the preferences seems to have fixed this.

Mac OS X firewall vs. DHCP

Mac OS X firewall vs. DHCP I’ve been having some issues with Mac OS X not being able to configure itself with DHCP. It looks like the firewall was blocking DHCP responses. Quick solution was to turn off the firewall. Longer-term solution may be that I need to reinstall configd and mDNSResponder from the latest Mac OS X update, so that they are signed correctly, so that the firewall trusts them again.

Looking for a contractor for Professional Services

Looking for a contractor for Professional Services I work in the Professional Services team at Message Systems, where I have fun designing and developing custom integrations of our e-mail software platform to fulfil the needs and requirements of various clients. We’re looking for someone for a six-month contract in the Bristol area: From the full job specification: The projects range from carrier-class deployments to support millions of messages per day to mass-market enterprise appliances used by Fortune 500 companies.

Macbook Pro overheating

Macbook Pro overheating It appears reinstalling Mac OS X Leopard has done something to the default fan settings on my work MBP. I’ve had problems today with the GPU overheating (triggered by several minutes of Spotlight indexing things). I’ve installed smcFanControl2 and cranked the default fan speed up to 3,000 rpm. This seems to be keeping the GPU temperature under control.

FileVault ate my home directory

FileVault ate my home directory Yesterday I upgraded my work Macbook Pro from OS X Tiger 10.4 to Leopad 10.5.6. It was not an entirely smooth experience. After upgrading to Leopard, it all appeared to work fine – everything seemd intact. I ran the software updates tool, and it downloaded some updates. I needed to reboot. I use FileVault to encrypt my home directory, to protect all the confidential data on it.